AstraZeneca and the EFPIA Disclosure Code 2022

This page makes public AstraZeneca’s payments and transfers of value to healthcare professionals/organisations (HCPs/HCOs) based in CYPRUS between 01/01/2022 – 31/12/2022.

AstraZeneca strongly believes that interactions with HCPs/HCOs positively influence the quality of patient treatment and the value of medical research.

To provide patients with optimal treatment options, HCPs need to stay informed about the latest developments with current and potential new medicines. The pharmaceutical industry has a duty to provide this information. HCPs in turn provide the industry with insights into how to improve medicines by feeding back on how they work in real world settings.

We also recognise that patients expect transparency around these relationships to feel confident that HCPs are impartial and always recommend the most appropriate treatment options.

We believe that the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Associations (EFPIA) Disclosure Code, a Code of Conduct that requires all EFPIA member companies to disclose payments and transfer of value to HCPs and HCOs, will provide greater transparency around these already well-regulated relationships.

The payments and transfers of value disclosed here were made for activities such as: speaking services during scientific congresses, medical education meetings, participation in advisory boards as well as for research and educational grants.

To download our assumptions and interpretations of the Disclosure Code click here

To download a PDF of data for HCPs/HCOs who have provided us with consent to disclose payments made to them as well as aggregate data for those who have not click here

Disclaimer Pertaining to Data Publication

“Publication of transfers of value to Recipients aims at reporting the values (monetary or in-kind) to HCPs/HCOs our company is collaborating / has relationships with, following the objectives and provisions included in both the EFPIA disclosure code and applicable local association codes. Individual disclosures have been consented to by individual Recipients – such consent has been given to allow complying with the applicable codes that our company signed off to. These publications do not grant permission for those accessing our website or the national platforms to undertake additional processing of the healthcare professionals’ data. For a good understanding of the reporting included in our disclosures as published on this website, we refer to the Methodological Note that clarifies the meaning and content of the transfers of value reported.”